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Guiding you on your soul journey.

Russell Sturgess

The  Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount are a step-by-step explanation of the path that we must follow if we desire to achieve Christ Consciousness. I have spent  the greater part of the past two decades as a spiritual mentor, author, and educator, teaching others about this pathway to inner peace, and how they can integrate the essence of it as a way of life.

Books By Russell

Immerse yourself in understanding the transformative power of the Beatitudes. Be guided on your soul journey at your own pace with my three books.

Latest from the Blog

Created by Russell for The Centre for Western Mindfulness

Client Feedback

Trish Rock - Queensland Australia

Russell is a very intuitive and sensitive mentor that never criticises, never judges, and always had 100% support for me and the life I was creating. His programs and mentoring are very thorough and complete and no matter whether you are being mentored for the first time, or are experienced in self-growth, you will be guided to move through the work with ease. 

I was given the space to be vulnerable and honest, and was supported in new decisions for my life. I would highly recommend Russell if you are looking for a mentor that will help you make sense of your reality and life so far, and guide you to create the peace and love you truly wish to bring into your life. Thanks Russell, I am truly grateful for this opportunity to work with you over the past 12 months, it has made an incredible difference.

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