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Tarot and the Cathar

In the 14th Century, twenty-two sacred images were transposed from manuscripts  onto a format inspired by playing cards. Their sacred mystery was discovered by Russell in 2007. This long lost Cathar theology, details the steps one must take in making the transition from human to divine consciousness. Join Russell as he unlocks these sacred mysteries, and how to apply them.

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The House of God Card: The End of Suffering

Sunday 19th Nov 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Kijiji Noosa Junction QLD

The Eastern Orthodox approach to Christianity called the journey of transformation from human being to soul being "Theosis". Theosis included three phases: Purification, Illumination and Unification. Theosis was beautifully depicted in the Major Arcana of the Marseille Tarot. The House of God card symbolises the place of transition from Purification to Illumination. If you are still experiencing suffering, your transition is incomplete.

Contact Sheelin at Kijiji for more details

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Western Australia Tarot Conference

Saturday 16th March 2024


Russell’s presentation will explore his breakthrough discovery of a hidden key on the Magician card in the Marseille Tarot. This key unlocks sacred teachings that have remained hidden in plain sight since the 17th century. What Russell discovered was a detailed ‘soul-map’ for becoming enlightened. Attendees will have a newfound appreciation for the power of the tarot to transform lives.

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Books By Russell

Immerse yourself in understanding the transformative power of the Beatitudes. Be guided on your soul journey at your own pace with my three books.

Tarot and the Secret of the Cathars

The medieval Cathars were persecuted and thought destroyed by the forces of church and state... but did their esoteric knowledge survive in a hidden form? Russell Sturgess, author of "The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot: The Cathar Code Hidden in the Cards," has discovered a secret code in the Tarot with the cards laying out the Cathar path to enlightenment and divine wholeness. Join Deacon Jon and Jason as they go on this journey through the Tarot with Russell.

What People Say

" A delightful change from the usual Tarot books. The author presents a time tested spiritual path that is both needed and serious for the seeker of wisdom-truth. Very well written with important historical information. The symbolism of the Marseille Tarot is thoroughly analysed and put to use in most practical terms. I am a practitioner and student of various eastern and western esoteric traditions for 33 years  having read thousands of books on those subjects and this among the best books so far."

Ingo G

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