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Theosophy with Russell explores how the simplicity of living life mindfully dissolves the barriers for living life with Grace.  Russell teaches that mindfulness is remembering from moment to moment that you have a choice to be more loving. Based on this definition, a commitment to mindfulness will help you to adopt social justice, forgiveness, purity of heart, and peacemaking as a way of life, which is the essence of Christ Consciousness, the wisdom of God.

Upcoming Events

The End of Suffering

Sunday 19th Nov 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Kijiji Noosa Junction QLD

Suffering is a condition of our human 'being'. Innate happiness is the condition of our soul 'being'. The degree to which we either experience suffering or innate happiness, reflects how much we are identified with either our human being or soul being respectively. Join Russell for this three hour thought provoking discussion on the journey from human being to soul being.

Contact Sheelin at Kijiji for more details

We have a few things in the pipeline and will post them shortly.  To be notified as new theosophical events are released, pop your details in the form below.

The Rose Garden

This is a talk Russell gave in Noosa, Queensland, Australia on the 30th of January 2022. Based on his book, The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot, he explores the symbolism of the the World Card as it relates to a spiritual journey. Referencing the Neo-Gnostic/Christian beliefs of the Cathar of medieval Europe, Russell explains the sacred symbolism depicted in the cards that reveals what is required to leave this world of illusion. More especially, he reveals how these images show us how to obtain the keys needed for opening the gate of the Rose Garden (the Sacred Yoni). It's only by opening that gate that we get access to the Tree of Life.

What People Say

"Russell, thank you, not just from my heart but all present on Sunday last. We do appreciate you coming to visit again. Your talk was truly extraordinary, a talk so practical, yet with esoteric themes. From us all in gratitude for your visit. We hope you can come again.

Keep the light shining."

Jean - TS Sunshine Coast

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