Pathways to Inner Peace is the name that Russell has given to his spiritual mentoring program. As such, he may well be Australia's first spiritual director in the context of progressive Christianity. Here's a brief description of these terms:

Spiritual Director

The role of a spiritual director is to give guidance to another who seeks a life devoted to spiritual values like peace and agape (unconditional love). In the context of Pathways to Inner Peace, Russell uses the framework of the Beatitudes, as revealed in his book The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot, which are milestones along the path that leads to Christ Consciousness as a way of life. 

Progressive Christianity 

This is characterised by a willingness to question religious tradition, accept human diversity, strongly emphasise social justice and care of the planet. Central to its theology is Jesus' teaching to "love one another". This would have you prioritise the spiritual works of mercy, which includes forgiveness, non-judgement, patience, and kindness as your primary values. 

In his third book, The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot Russell reveals a medieval formula of the Beatitudes that detailed how it was possible to find the kingdom of Heaven (enlightenment) here on earth. Using this formula, Russell can help people identify where they are on the spiritual path and what they have to do/be in order to progress. In these sessions people will begin by gaining a greater understanding of their human condition, the state of duality (differentiated consciousness) that is responsible for much of their suffering. 

They will then explore the 'dark night of the senses' the pruning that causes most of their suffering (burnout, depression, addiction, compassion fatigue etc). Russell will then guide them through the portal that leads to the 'dark night of the soul', a metaphorical '40 days in the wilderness' that is identified by the first four Beatitudes. They will then meet the first first of two 'gate-keepers' that test their 'worthiness' to enter the metaphorical House of God, also known as the Treasury of Light. It is here that the last four Beatitudes show how it's possible to adopt Christ consciousness as a way of life. 

This part of the journey prepares one to pass the test of the final gate-keeper, which could be best described as The Christ test. It's only by having adopted Christ consciousness that makes it possible for one to progress from duality to non-duality, the place of undifferentiated consciousness that is typically referred to as the kingdom of Heaven. This is the fundamental difference between traditional and progressive Christianity. 

Russell typically works with people (one-on-one) on a fortnightly basis, either online, or in person if you live local to him. Sessions generally run for up to 90 minutes. Russell's book, The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot is the text book for this journey. Russell will first seek to understand where you currently stand spiritually, and what it is you want to achieve spiritually. This first session is free of charge. Use the link at the bottom of the page to contact Russell personally.