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Sunshine Coast 2022

Russell Sturgess has been described as a thought leader in Western Mindfulness. He was first exposed to the principles of awareness and mindfulness in the late eighties when providence led him to study Attitudinal Healing with Dr Gerald Jampolsky M.D. in Tiburon Ca. and Susan Trout in Washington D.C. Russell established a Centre for Attitudinal Studies in his home town in 1989 and alongside his clinical work in Osteopathic Remedial Therapies, he taught awareness and mindfulness practices for over a decade. As the adage goes, you teach what you have to learn.

While studying Attitudinal Healing with Susan Trout, Russell's interest in symbology was ignited. One book that really caught his interest was Sallie Nichols' book Jung and Tarot. The revelation that the trump cards of the Marseille Tarot had a symbolic link to Christianity became an exciting prospect. This was in spite of the fact that in the religion of his upbringing, tarot was thought to be evil. Over the next decade Russell pursued an enhanced appreciation of the symbolism enmeshed in the Marseille Tarot and was inspired to write a book, given the insights he had gleaned during that time. One of the key insights was the idea that the major arcana were obstensibly 'portable stain-glass windows' that taught how it was possible to have mindfulness create a love-centred life that was sustainable. 

Russell In Italy

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Russell with locals in Monte San Biagio, Italy. His 'home' in Italy, in 2007.

Russell's interest in the idea of there being an approach to mindfulness that had roots in the west, as opposed to the more commonly accepted eastern approach that emerged from Buddhism, became his passion. In 2006/7 Russell was guided to lived in southern Italy for almost a year while he researched and wrote his first book, Metanoia. This book presented the thesis that a western approach to mindfulness emerged during the middle-ages in southern France, and northern Italy.

This approach may have been one of the earliest examples of progressive Christianity, inspired by the neo-Gnostic Christianity which became popular throughout Western Europe with the emergence of the heretical Cathar. It was from this research that Russell went on to develop, what he describes, as a western approach to mindfulness.

Mindfulness Mentoring

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Transparent EAP

This western approach to mindfulness was inspired by the Sermon of the Mount, in particular the Beatitudes, which were fundamental to the teachings of the Cathar. Having been a lay minister himself, and having been strongly influenced by Jampolsky’s Attitudinal Healing, Russell went on to develop a personal mentoring program in 2009 that was originally known as Beattitudinal Coaching. In 2012 he changed the name to the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP), and as of October 2021, this work is now called Pathways to Mindfulness, the central focus of The Centre for Western Mindfulness.

Over a decade on, and Russell has trained mentors throughout Australia and New Zealand who also deliver his western approach to mindfulness. To find out more about learning how to be a mentor, or just to find out more about Pathways to Mindfulness, click here.

Public Speaking


Russell has presented at workshops and conferences globally since the late 80's. He is an engaging teacher and speaker earning him well deserved reviews about his presentations. This is feedback about a presentation he did in Florida, in 2015 about his book, Metanoia:

  • Saw him at Tarosophy Conference in Keswick (uk) last year it was a GREAT presentation. (MD)

  • Amen - that presentation was amazing! (MEC)

  • It was absolutely mind-blowing! (LP)

  • Russell brought down the house. (KK)

                     ...and some more comments...

  • I HAD to buy his book as it was mind blowing.(MO)

  • Yes, touched me deeply. (BR)

  • Your presentation was fantastic. I'm still absorbing it all. Your passion, knowledge, research and dedication is inspiring...(TS)

  • Thank you Russell, you were wonderful. (EH)

  • Russell, your presentation was mind-blowing...Thank you!!! (KI)


And some other snippets; A true 'AHA' moment, A revealing and fascinating presentation, One of the highlights of any event I ever attended.


Florida 2015


France 2011

Sydney 2013

During the 90's Russell spoke at national and state American Massage Therapy Association conferences introducing his Osteopathic Massage modality - Fascial Kinetics. They included: Washington State, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, California, and Hawaii. He has also presented at conferences throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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